Building materials like woven nets

brak zdjęcia

Perfopol is the company that has got a very rich production offer that includes durable building materials made of metal. The firm is a leading producer of woven nets that are available in singlecrimp and multicrimp variants. Singlecrimp nets are very durable and the size of the mesh cannot be changed. Multicrimp meshes are lightweight elements that offer a high clearance. Of course all types of nets are durable, resistant to damage and excessive wear. They meet different requirements of building industry. Both types of woven nets are perfect for use in building industry as filling of doors, fencing spans or gates. They can also serve as covers for different kinds of equipment and machines. The offer includes different sizes of nets, so customers are allowed to order products up to 2000 mm of width. The process of production includes mild steel, pre-galvanized, stainless, copper or brass raw materials according to individual projects and requirements of customers.